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Greetings Earthlings (as well as any and all other species carrying human currency)! We hope that life is treating you well. As always, we've been extremely busy here at BC Group. In addition to commissioning a local artist for our logo redesign, we've had our business cards revamped. They now earn you 50% off of an order after 10 purchases with us. Be sure to grab a card at our next in person event so that you can claim this generous discount!
We've also been working on increasing our in-person shopping venues. We know that you love shopping directly from our website, but we like to offer you the opportunity to see and touch our merchandise for yourself. We currently have 2 physical locations where you can shop in-person.
Fensty's Indoor Flea Market 
20 N 3rd Street
Bally, PA
Fri 8am-5pm
Sat 8am-5pm
Sun 8am-4pm
Fensty's is a larger venue filled with oddities and treasures of varying prices and histories. Everything from jewelry to CDs to miniatures can be found in this hidden gem of a place. The place LOOKS like a warehouse from the outside, but the contents inside are far from boring. It's a must see with something for every budget!
Simpler Times
1014 Gravel Pike
Palm, Pa
Open 6 days a week
Tues-Sat 10a-5pm
Sun 10a-4pm
Simpler Times is our newest venue where you'll see not just us but our darling friend Pam as well. Be sure to stop in and shop us both!
We look forward to shipping your orders directly to you at your comfy home, but we hope that you'll venture out to see our merchandise at these lovely locations. Have a day out, and come check us out!

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