BOOK Murder on the Front Nine: A Mickke D Grand Strand Murder Mystery

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If you enjoy a good mystery/thriller adventure and a travel story, Steve McMillen's first novel, "Murder on the Front Nine", set in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, offers both. It's a wild ride with a charismatic, soon to be crime solving Realtor/Architect/Golf Pro, who also just happens to be an ex-Green Beret. It is a tale of assassinations, black ops, corrupt politicians, big oil, betrayal, a drug cartel, and a treasure hunt, with a twist, off the South Carolina coast. You can read Steve's book on two levels. Simply as a good murder, mystery, thriller, whodunit yarn, in a southern beach setting, which is how the majority of the readers will percieve it. The other level is with a local's and visitor's delight in recognizing familiar resorts, restaurants, golf courses and other local features. Many a reader will be able to say, "Been there, done that." The tale begins on Bald Head Island, North Carolina, a remote, upscale golf resort island along the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. Mickke D allows himself to be drawn into an assassination investigation by three of his old army buddies, who he has not seen in fifteen years. Bodies begin piling up, planes are blown up, buildings are burned down and Mickke D discovers that maybe one of his old army buddies may not be as much of a friend as he once thought. The story meanders down the coast to Little River, SC; and makes a stop during the playing of the World Amateur Golf Tournament in Myrtle Beach. It makes side trips to Charleston, SC, Panama City Beach, Fl, Las Vegas and Washington, DC. There are plots within plots and the reader will have to figure out the bad guys from the good guys; who they like and who they dislike. And will Mickke D be able to face his past demons head-on and make a transition from a rather mundane way of life "at the beach", back to investigator and highly trained soldier without meeting his demise along the way. If you enjoy golf, the beach or just a good murder,mystery, thriller; this book is for you. It is an entertaining, easy, fun read. You will just want to continue turning pages.

About the Author

Steve McMillen was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio. He currently lives near the ocean, in paradise, in Little River, South Carolina with his lovely bride Beverly. He is a US Army Veteran and spent over twenty years in the Oil & Gas Industry. His background is sales & marketing. He is a licensed real estate agent, which is why he has time to write and he enjoys playing golf in his spare time. "Murder on the Front Nine" is the first in a series of Mickke D, Grand Strand novels. He is currently working on the second book in the series, "Cougars at the Beach", another mystery/thriller, which will have several of the same characters from "Murder on the Front Nine" making an appearance.