BOOK Dr. Bones, The Secret of the Lona: A Hero Is Born!

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His name is Dr. Bones. His adventures will take him across a perilous galaxy in search of lost cities, secret empires, and vanished species. And sometimes into exploits when his background makes him the best man for a dangerous job . . .


From nowhere they came, the mysterious aliens called the Lona. The races of our galaxy tried to communicate with them and failed. The Lona were not interested in talking; they had come to crush the galaxy into submission and rule it with absolute power.


Ezekiel Bones is Earth's secret weapon. He alone stands a chance of finding a way to defeat the Lona. He has learned all the ways of war, and has become a member of the top-secret mercenary army, the Legion of Ares. Yet his real strength against the Lona will be his ability to penetrate the workings of a monstrous alien mind and learn how Earth can fight back.


But can Dr. Bones think like a monster without becoming a monster himself?